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Production of our lighting products based on advanced technologies and lighting characteristics of our fixtures are not inferior to foreign analogues. You can see the catalog of our products.

ZhSP 55-600-002 U5

The luminaires are intended for supplementary lighting of seedlings, flowers and fruits and vegetables in the breeding centers, greenhouses and flower greenhouses of the republic in case of insufficient natural light.

The luminaires are equipped with special lamps of type DNaZ and DNaT, which generate the spectral flux with increased emission in the blue area, which optimises the development of plants - their blossoms, the growth of leaves and branches. Upon request, greenhouse luminaires can be equipped with lamps of the Brest Electric Luminaire Plant, foreign manufacurers of European and Russian firms such as Osram, Philips, Silvania.

In terms of their lighting and other technical characteristics the luminaires are as good as their best foreign counterparts.

The range includes several types of luminaires with lamps with a capacity of 400 and 600 W when power supply is 220-230V and luminaires  with a capacity of 600 W when power supply is 380-400V of AC with different types of reflectors: alanod

General Specifications:

  •  the luminaires  have a built-in harmonic suppressor limiting the current consumption of the network at 3, 5 and higher harmonics;
  •  Power factor is not less than 0.9;
  •  Loss of power is less than 9%;

The luminaires are made on the basis of extruded aluminum body. The body includes: an electromagnetic ballast, a pulse starting device, a harmonic suppressor and a cosine capacitor.

All structural parts of the luminaires, as well as electromagnetic ballasts, pulse starting devices, harmonics suppressors are manufactured by Open joint stock company (OAO) “Lida Plant of Electrical products”.

Технические характеристики

Basic specification
Voltage 220 W
Type curve of intensity wide or semiwide
Lamp wattage 650 W
Efficiency not less than 80 %
The degree of protection from exposure to ambient IP 23
Size and weight
Length 500 mm
Breadth 260 mm
Height 365 mm
Weight 10,5 kg

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