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IZU 250-1000 DRL-220 UHL 2

Pulse starting devices are used to switch on high-pressure gas-discharge lamps of DRI, DNaT, DRL when they are integrated with electromagnetic ballasts in the AC mains with frequency of 50-60 Hz, with a rated voltage of 220-240 V and 380-420 V. The devices are not designed for instant restart of lamps when they are hot.

All types of pulse starting devices are repairable.


  • The moment of activation of PSDs outstrips the maximum of an instantaneous value of supply voltage by not more than 30°.
  • After switching on and during burning of the lamp pulses are no longer generated.
  • A number of pulses per period of the supply voltage is not less than one.
  • Degree of protection against environmental exposure: IP20.
  • A high-voltage pulse is generated by the series-parallel scheme.
  • Service life of the pulse starting devices is 10 years, and their resources are not less than 15000 switches on and not less than 1000 hours at the mode of continuous generation with probable failure-free operation of 0.98 at a nominal supply voltage.
  • Operating temperature range: from -60° to +70°C.

Технические характеристики

Operation voltage 170-195 V
The degree of protection from exposure to ambient IP20

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