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LSP 22-14-701

In order to implement import substitution measures, OJSC "Lida Plant of Electrical products" offers to its consumers a set of equipments for illumination of poultry houses. The set includes luminaires for ambient lighting of farms where birds are kept and the controller (remote control) for remote programme controlling of light intensity.

The luminaires for ambient lighting LSP 22-14-701 and LSP 22-24-701 with the degree of protection against external climatic factors of from IP65 and Class II of protection against electric shock. The luminaires have a transit line to connect the power supply and control signal.

The luminaires are equipped with a fluorescent lamp of series T5 with capacity of 14 or 24W. The lamps T5 are the most energy efficient gas-discharge light sources. The lamp is supplied with power by an electronic ballast having a function to adjust light flux from 10 to 100% through the front-end input of 1-10 V. The luminaires are resistant to aggressive environment of the poultry houses. The body is made of polystyrene, and the diffuser is made of polymethylmethacrylate. The luminaire efficiency is not less than 75% with maximum light flux distribution in the lower hemisphere.

Service life of the luminaires is not less than 10 years, and service life of the light source is not less than 24000 hours (not less than 3 years with a daily duration of burning of 18 hours).

The luminaires should be mounted on the ropes being hung along the farm premises. When farm area is 19*78 metres, it is expected to install 100 units of lighting fixtures, 20 units per one rope.

The maximum illumination on the farm floor during installation of the luminaires LSP 22-14-701 is not less than 35 lux, and during installation of the luminaires LSP 22-24-701 is not less than 50 lux. Power consumed by the farm at the maximum luminaire light flux use will not exceed 1500 or 2500 W respectively.
Upon customer’s request, any package of types of fixtures and their quantity is available.

At the plant, the luminaires are connected in the chain (garland). A number of luminaires in the chain, as well as type of a luminaire and a number of garlands correspond to customer requirements. When mounting lighting at the farm, it is only needed to hang garlands up on the ropes with a necessary distance between the luminaires.

A kit of luminaires for one farm includes a remote control.

Технические характеристики

Basic specification
Voltage 220 W
Lamp wattage 14 W
Type of lamps T5
Класс защиты II
Тип ПРА electronic
Efficiency not less than 75 %
The degree of protection from exposure to ambient IP 65

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