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LBO 12-24+54-901

Bedside medical luminaires LBO12-24+54-901 and LBO 12-14+24-901 are used to cover hospital facilities. They correspond to TU RB 00214296.018-98 "Luminaires with fluorescent lamps".

The luminaire is designed to work in the AC mains with voltage of 220 V and of 50 Hz.

The luminaire is available only with the electronic ballasts and fluorescent lamps of series T5.

The luminaire comes with two fluorescent lamps T5. The lamps are switched separately.

A lamp of lower power is set at the bottom of the fixture and is designed for individual patient`s bed illumination. A lamp of higher power is installed at the top of the fixture and is designed for ambient lighting of the hospital ward.  

The lamps are protected with special screens which allow to avoid direct light into patient’s eyes. The lower lamp is switched on with a switch mounted at the luminaire case or with a switch at the cord. The upper lamp is switched on with a switch mounted on the luminaire body, or when the ambient lighting of a ward is being switched on.

The luminaire is available of Classes I and II of protection against electric shock.
Luminaire of Class I:

- a key switch is installed at the bottom of the luminaire, there are also 2 sockets with a ground contact designed for voltage 220 V that are located at both edges of luminaire, one socket for radio and one socket for a telephone line. The cord has a call button to call duty personnel. Luminaire of Class II:

- two key switches are installed on the bottom of the luminaire.

A diffuser and end caps are made of lighting polystyrene, a body and other parts are made of metal and painted with white powder paint.

The diffuser and the caps are easily removable and allow washing with liquid solution of soap.

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Basic specification
Voltage 220 W
Type of lamps T5
Тип ПРА electronic

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