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Production of our lighting products based on advanced technologies and lighting characteristics of our fixtures are not inferior to foreign analogues. You can see the catalog of our products.

LPO 12-2×58-502

 The luminaires are intended for ambient lighting of public premises (rooms).

The luminaries are equipped with both electromagnetic and electronic ballasts. When ordering a luminaire with an electronic ballast, words "Electronika I» or "Electronika II» are added to the designation of the fixture.

For illumination of education establishments it is recommended to use luminaires with electronic ballasts only.

Light diffusers are extruded from lighting transparent polystyrene materials; end caps are made of high-impact polystyrene, white steel base is painted using the latest technologies of powder coating.

Luminaire efficiency - not less than 80%.

Cos φ with electromagnetic ballasts is not less than 0.85; Cos φ with electronic ballasts is not less than 0.96.

We produce luminaires with electromagnetic ballasts of Class I of protection against electric shock, and luminaires with electronic ballasts of Class I and II.

Degree of protection against exposure to environmental effect - IP20.

Climatic modification UKhL4

Технические характеристики

Basic specification
Lamp wattage 58 W
Type of lamps T8
Efficiency not less than 70 %
Cos φ not less than 0,96
The degree of protection from exposure to ambient IP20
Climatic UKhL4
Size and weight
Length 1555 mm
Breadth 165 mm
Height 91 mm
Weight 3,5 kg

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