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Production of our lighting products based on advanced technologies and lighting characteristics of our fixtures are not inferior to foreign analogues. You can see the catalog of our products.

Other products

Lida Electricals Factory produces posts (poles) for stand lamps and console lamps according to the manufacturer`s design or on the customers order. The posts are supplied with access door NTB-2 manufactured by ROSA company (Poland). Diameter of the mounting tube for lighting of fixtures - 48 mm.

Note: Lower tube can be all-in-one or with the mortgage part. To be specified when ordering.

Non-contact commutation switches are used for the positional control of mechanisms and separate units

Pulse starting devices are used to switch on high-pressure gas-discharge lamps of DRI, DNaT, DRL when they are integrated with electromagnetic ballasts in the AC mains with frequency of 50-60 Hz.

Electromagnetic ballasts are used to stabilise working modes of gas-discharge light sources.

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